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Sumart New-Tech Limited specialize in producing construction waterproof material applied in day-to-day projects, with an excellent track record. Moreover, Sum Art Super Glue, our top-of-the-line product, with its superbly high density function, not only roots out water leakage and seepage but also strengths the structural portions. It is, therefore, reckoned as the unique revolutionary item on the market today.
Invention Patent Items

Sumart Super Glue (Patent No2007 10077545.2) - SC-I
CharacteristicsCompressive Strength ≥ 83 MPA (8300T/m2)
FunctionExtra hard wateproof material can repair any leakage area. Reinforce & leakage of bridges.  Dam & building construction. Slope & mud-rock flow reinforcement.


Sumart Watersealant - TSC-II

CharacteristicsWater-based liquid mainly composed. Strongly penetrate into the inner of substances to form a sealant which is thick enough for waterproof but with good ventilation.
Function :Breakthrough of traditional waterproofing for the front & back surface.  Special repair the leakage of wall, sealing & retaining wall. 

Sumart Litecon Panel  (Patent NoZL.200510032896.2)
CharacteristicsStrong as concrete but in ultra light weight as 1/2 concrete. Efficient assembling & labour save & set as much as 10 times faster (Specification : 600x2400x75mm ; Size: 2'x8'x3')
FunctionQuick installation for partition wall boundary wall, bungalow & industrial building alternation.

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Interview by Federation of Hong Kong Industries & published on Hong Kong Industrialist on Issue Aug 2013

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