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Green Delta Resource Company Limited has been established for over 6 years , as a professional gardening specialist based in Hong Kong SAR of China, providing full-range (one-stop) gardening services to local customers in Hong Kong and South China Region, targeted garden owners, landscape managers and developers of privates, utilities and government departments.

Our company consultant, Mr. Peter Tse is well know architect in landscape design with profound experience. Linkage with academic societies and close working partnership with numbers of related specialist ensure our wide, professional and recognized services coverage.

Our Services

We provide one-stop style gardening services. Provision of innovative idea and solutions to satisfy your demand is our goal of business

Floral Design & Indoor Plants Decoration

Bring green elements to indoor environment is great trend of built environment improvement. Subtle arrangement and sensation designs, indoor plants can be perfect and successful fuse and be part of interior environment. We supply and rent indoor plants acclimatized into indoor environment. On demand, design layout can be provided for best suiting client needs as for office or shops. Tailor made and designed floral arrangement for interior decoration, as outdoor dining decor or for festival decoration can be provided.


Garden Design & Build

Well design and planned garden is great value to the residential premises. From site analysis, planning, theme building, detail design, procurement arrangement, construction and maintenance, we provide full package of garden design and build services to new project or rehabilitation (upgrade) projects.


Garden Furniture & Decor

A garden decor can be an effective flavor enhancer to a garden providing a sharp impression and instant demonstration of unique character. Design of garden furniture itself reflects taste of garden owner and its functionality is the source of joy and comfort of garden. We can recommend and supply range of garden furniture and decor in reflecting the style and needs of different client.

Irrigation System
Watering has always been the critical factor for the success of no matter establishment of newly plantings, or up-keeping established plantings. Well designed and installed automatic irrigation system is the best solution for landscapes with constraint in labor for watering or with accessibility problem for watering. We provide qualified engineer for design and installation of irrigation system to landscape or garden of all sizes.

Landscaping Works

Vegetation clearance, plant removal, soiling, planting works have always been the constituent parts of the landscape business. Nonetheless, we strive to provide such conventional services in a style of ever-improving in efficiency, works quality and safety by constant performance review and introduction of new procedure, method and technology. Help setting the benchmark of working standard of the industry within the territories is ultimate goal.

Landscape Maintenance & Pest Management

For established garden or landscape to perform best and show its value, a well planned and executed maintenance is important to let plants in best appearance with good health, trained or desirable forms, free from pest, & disease problem and avoiding/ recovering from any adverse incident or weather. We provide experienced and equipped gardener knowledgeable in plant growth habit, needs and problems. In situation of pest & disease outbreak case, we offer on case diagnosis, prescription and control services.

Plant and Garden Material Supplies

Retails or wholesales supply of plants for seasonal flowers, festival flowers, woody plants and tree in various sizes is provided. We provide commitment on our plant stocks which shall be lush, sound structured, no root problem and free from pest and disease. Besides, we regularly source and recommend new garden material and newly introduced species for client looking for new idea and refreshment for their garden


Tree Works, Inspection, Risk Assessment & Valuation
For trees in needs of maintenance or operations, we can provide on-site inspection, prescribe solution and perform tree works meeting international quality standard, in which the tree works include tree pruning, tree felling, tree health care, pest and disease control, tree transplanting, and new tree planting.

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